Hacking, no more 50 Shades of Evil, Obstacles

Hacking, no more 50 Shades of Evil, Obstacles

Hello KATL - Nation, 

This is a little update from your friendly neighbourhood Kobra.

As the founder and main operator of Kobra and the Lotus, I can say it has been a privilege to have grown and developed this band with so many gifted people over the last 13 years. This has not, however, been without its obstacles.

Currently, the facebook page has been hacked. I've been working with numerous people to try and reclaim it however it has been to no avail thus far. When you see a weird post and video, please report it. 

Kobra and the Lotus' facebook page is my personal archive of the legacy I built with different people along the way. I started when I was 17 and relentlessly worked at it until now at age 32. Every memory, every excitement, every sacrifice and struggle, every year, tour and grind is archived on that page. To me, it's more than a Facebook page, it's the last 12 years of my life. 

I can view the admins in my facebook business manager and they're changing daily. I also can see over 40 videos of spam queued up to be published. It's a weird feeling. My identity has been under attack throughout this process as well.

In other news, the video for 50 Shades of Evil has gone down. In 2012 I was signed to Universal Records and my project KATL was given a VEVO account. Because I am no longer signed with them, the VEVO went down. Other videos such as 'Soldier' went down as well but they were able to help recover the quality of the video and numbers. I'm still waiting on 50 Shades. These videos have taken years to reach the numbers of views they have and those numbers are what help me move forward in any way with the band and music in general. It's what promoters look at. 

Sometimes, things just happen that we can't control. All of us have experienced this numerous times in our lives and will still continue to. This is the dance of life =-). I may not be able to recover this page and this video but I can move forward and choose to not let circumstance run my life. 

For now, I'm working on hatching a plan that will help me rebuild the things that have been lost since 2019. I know you all have been going through obstacles and hardships. I send my love, respect, and gratitude to you as you pull through everything you've faced and continue to face.


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