Kobra and The Lotus Needs Your Support!! Merchandise Fundraiser \M/

Kobra and The Lotus Needs Your Support!! Merchandise Fundraiser \M/

This has been a challenging time for all and with full awareness that the world is going through such challenging trials, it was hard to determine a way that felt ethically sound for raising some funds to help with the losses that have incurred from our last album launch and lost concerts. The launch of our newest album, albeit a great experience, has had serious financial implications for this project. All vinyls, CDs, and specialized merchandise was pre-ordered with full anticipation of doing a regular tour cycle. This means there is a load of inventory sitting right now and a big bill to pay with no immediate income to cover it. Like many other bands, this project has lost plane tickets and concert/festival guarantees that would normally balance this scale enough to keep going.

If you love the music and love the project, perhaps there is something for you here. The new album 'Evolution' merchandise won't be able to make it around the world so it will have to be sent to you. It's without a doubt heartbreaking.

"Fair Trade" bundles have been created here as well as costs have been lowered as much as possible for almost all merch items in order to make it as affordable as can be for you. The prices have been worked out to cover production, shipping, and shipping materials costs with hopefully a few bucks here and there to start helping to repay for the flights and overhead. Unfortunately there can be nothing done about the shipping costs, they're as low as can be, I apologize =-(.

I will be sharing discount codes over the next week to help a little more.

For those of you who can support the project in any way, I'm eternally grateful and to those who can't I am equally grateful and wishing you strength through your struggles. Love always and good wishes from me to all of you. May better times be ahead for you us all!


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